Spirituality and Eating Disorder Recovery

My Journey I grew up with parents who meditated daily and who hosted group meditations at our home every Sunday. When I was in the hospital for the first time due to my eating disorder at the age of twelve, … Read More

Eating Disorder Recovery: One Step at a Time

This piece was originally posted in The Looking Glass Foundation blog.  My eating disorder recovery journey was anything but linear, as I’m sure so many of you can relate to. There were so many steps forward, slips backward, plateaus and relapses. … Read More

Not Making Enemies With Your Eating Disorder

In my last post I wrote about the power of having a compassionate inner dialogue between our eating disorder voice, or any inner critical voice, and our Healthy Self or Soul or Higher Self voice. And as I was writing … Read More

Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you will find here inspiration for recovery and getting through tough times, or simply something interesting to read, seeing how someone else has come to view things about life, eating disorders and … Read More