I provide one-on-one coaching services in person in Victoria, BC Canada and online worldwide. Please see below for information.

Overview of Services:



  • Sessions are typically on a weekly basis, or more often as desired, and are 60 minutes for a Talking Session or Meal Support Session and can be up to 90 minutes or more for other activities such as more supportive meal sessions, restaurant outings, grocery shopping or food preparation (See 'Coaching Scope and Activities' below for more information). Shorter midweek check-in sessions and snack support sessions are also available.
  • The focus and length of each session is individualized and based on your specific goals, as well as collaboration with any treatment team members you may have.
  • If you do not currently have treatment team members I will discuss with you whether I feel you need them in order to work with me as coaching is not a substitute for treatment or work with licensed professionals.


  • In-person sessions are available in the greater Victoria, BC Canada area. Locations will be based on the focus of each session and may include restaurants, grocery stores, or even your home to prepare meals with you. Talking Sessions can be conducted virtually via secure phone or videoconferencing or, logistics permitting, at a variety of suitable public locations.
  • I provide virtual support anywhere in the world by secure phone or videoconferencing and almost all types of sessions can be adapted to this format.


  • Besides Talking Sessions, as a coach I am able to meet you out in the real world in a wide variety of activities to support your recovery. Together, we can work on implementing the work and goals you have with your treatment team should you have one and to build a skill base for daily living to support your recovery. Please see 'Coaching Scope and Activities' below for more details.

You can also visit my FAQ page for more information on how coaching differs from and can complement work with a therapist or dietitian, plus other common questions and answers about coaching.

Coaching Scope and Activities:

  • As a coach and not a therapist, I will work with you on your "here and now" thoughts, feelings and behaviour changes and the How’s of recovery rather than on underlying or larger psychological issues, treatment or diagnosis. For example, our work will focus on:
    • Learning and practicing new ways of coping with difficult feelings in the moment,
    • Exploring and developing your motivation, patience and hope and your Why's for your recovery,
    • Learning and practicing ways of challenging your eating disorder thoughts,
    • Helping you with setting goals and supporting and guiding you in achieving your goals,
    • Challenging eating disorder behaviours in a planned, supported way,
    • Accessing and strengthening your Healthy Self so that it can begin to heal your eating disorder self,
    • Supporting you in activities of daily life where your eating disorder has been in control to help you to gradually change that, and
    • Examining and working through ambivalence and the comings and goings of motivation and hope that are so common throughout the recovery process.
  • Often, suggested take-home assignments will also help you to deepen and explore the work we are doing together.
  • See the list below for the range of topics and activities our coaching work can focus on depending on your goals, needs and desires.

  • Talking Sessions involve a 60-minute session with me virtually by phone or videoconference or, logistics permitting, meeting at an agreed-upon location to talk.
  • These sessions are wonderful opportunities for us to get to know each other in the beginning, as well as take the time for planning and processing other types of activity sessions such as food challenges and meal support sessions. They also give us time to focus on goal setting and to reflect on how you are doing and feeling in our work overall and how I can support you best.
  • Topics we might explore, through discussions, exercises and take-home assignments include:
    • Learning and practicing new ways of coping with difficult feelings in the moment,
    • Exploring and developing your motivation, patience and hope and your Why's for your recovery,
    • Learning and practicing ways of challenging your eating disorder thoughts from your Healthy Self,
    • Exploring your motivation, goals, obstacles, and how I can support you best in addressing them,
    • Ways of awakening and strengthening your Healthy Self,
    • Learning and practicing new behaviour change strategies,
    • Helping you to reach out to others more for support,
    • And other topics, tools and strategies that you can use in the here and now to support your transformative recovery journey.

  • Eating with you is an extremely valuable thing for your recovery journey that I can do as your coach, whether in person or via videoconference.
  • We will plan these meal or snack sessions carefully in order to help you reach your goals. For example, eating a fear food together or supporting you to challenge food rules and rituals you feel ready to challenge.
  • Having me there to support you by eating the same foods with you and guiding you through the meal, as well as supporting you by text or e-mail throughout the rest of the day, can make such a difference in making sure the experience is as positive and effective for you as possible.
  • Sessions may be at restaurants, other public eating spaces, your home or via videoconference.
  • Meal session goals will be determined in collaboration with your dietitian or therapist, if applicable.

  • Whether you have a meal plan or not, I can support and guide you with grocery shopping and food preparation. This can look like:
    • Supporting you to purchase the foods necessary to follow your meal plan,
    • Supporting you to purchase new foods to expand the variety of your diet and challenge your food fears,
    • Supporting you to grocery shop without looking at nutrition labels, or
    • Challenging entrenched eating patterns by preparing and then eating a new dish together at your home.
  • These sessions can be done in person in Victoria, BC or by phone or videoconference.

  • As a coach, my goal is to support you in as flexible and individualized of a manner as possible. I will work with you outside of an office and in your daily life where the eating disorder is normally most in control, supporting you to challenge your eating disorder directly in the here and now.
  • As a coach, I can support you with activities that other treatment professionals may not want to or have the ability to perform due to time constraints, legal reasons, or lack of specific training. For example:
    • Supporting you with buying new clothes after weight restoration,
    • Going on a nature walk or attending a yoga class with you to work on mindfulness and getting in touch with your body,
    • Attending a challenging social event with you to support you in not using eating disorder behaviours, or
    • Any other activity of daily living where support would be beneficial for challenging your eating disorder and helping your healthy self to become more in control.

  • As desired by you and them, I can conduct sessions with your family, friends or significant others so that they can learn more about how best to support you based on our work together.
  • During these sessions I can provide education and guidance on ways they can support you, explain my role in your overall care, gain their insight and input, answer their questions, and in general work with you and them to increase their involvement in your recovery. Logistics permitting, this can even be done by me attending family meals or other social events with you and them.
  • If you have a treatment team, this will be closely coordinated with them. When it is possible, this type of work can be greatly beneficial for your recovery.

  • As I feel it to be helpful, I will share with you what helped me to recover. I will also act as a role model for recovered living to provide hope that full recovery is possible. It is my belief, and that of many others in the field, that being exposed to others who have recovered plays a powerful role in helping you to maintain hope and confidence along your own journey.

  • I am available by text and e-mail between sessions to support you in the moments when you need it most. This on-call support can be a very valuable part of our coaching work together.

Initial Consultation:

I offer a free 20-minute video consultation so that we can both determine if I am the best fit for what you are looking for. Please contact me to schedule this. I would love to hear from you.