Myself and my small team of recovery coaches provide individualized one-on-one recovery coaching services anywhere in the world via virtual sessions for individuals 15 years and older struggling with restrictive eating disorders and disordered eating. For example, we specialize in supporting individuals struggling with:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Disordered eating or 'atypical' eating disorder diagnoses
  • Compulsive exercise
  • Orthorexia or obsession with healthy or clean eating

As well, since coaching is meant to be an added support to a treatment team individuals, in almost all cases, must be working with an eating disorder therapist and/or dietitian who the coach can collaborate with.

What Our Sessions Will Support You In:

Through an individualized combination of talking sessions, meal support sessions, between-session goals and activities, and after-hours support by text or email, our work together will support you in working with your here and now thoughts, feelings and behaviour goals and the How’s of your recovery. For example, our session work and take-home exercises and goals may include:

  • Learning and practicing new ways of coping with difficult emotions
  • Developing and practicing self-compassion
  • Body image healing work
  • Exploring your true values
  • Exploring and working on motivation, patience and hope and your Why's for recovery
  • Learning and practicing ways of challenging eating disorder thoughts
  • Helping you to set goals and supporting and guiding you in achieving your goals
  • Challenging eating disorder behaviours in a planned, supported way
  • Eating meals, snacks and fear foods together as you feel ready
  • Supporting you with grocery shopping, meal preparation, clothing shopping, and other practical aspects of recovery work
  • Supporting you in accessing and strengthening your authentic self or wise mind so that this part of you can heal your eating disorder self and
  • Supporting the work you're doing with your treatment team, therapist or dietitian.

Session Details:

  • Both talking and meal support sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. However, 90-minute or even 2-hour sessions are also available.
  • Sessions are typically on a weekly basis but this can be tailored to your needs and, if relevant, recommendations from your treatment team, therapist or dietitian.
  • The focus of each session will be individualized and based on your goals, as well as collaboration with any treatment team members you may have.
  • The fee for coaching is $140 USD per 60-minute video session and this includes text support between sessions and collaboration with team members. However, fees may be adjusted lower for currencies outside of the USA or Europe.

Further details about how recovery coaching works plus common questions and answers can also be found on my FAQ page.

Initial Consultation:

We offer a free 30-minute video discovery call so that we can determine if working together would be a good fit! Connect with us to schedule this. We would love to hear from you.