“Coaching with Sarah was the best thing I could do for my journey to recovery. I looked forward to every session, because I could freely talk about my fears and mistakes without judgement and be heard with complete and total understanding. In the same way, she was also there for me when I challenged myself and wanted to celebrate. It’s so nice to talk to someone who truly understands what you’re going through, and is also a voice of reason so that you don’t stay stuck in a loop of repeating behaviours.

Sarah and I laid out reasonable challenges for the week that I felt I was ready to take on, and also gave me resources to help me get through them. If I ever needed her outside of a session, she was just a text or an email away. When I started coaching I was still engaging in ED behaviours every single day. Now, I don’t always pay attention to nutrition labels, I threw out my scale, I deleted calorie counting apps, I go out to eat with my family and I order what I actually want, and I’m no longer afraid of so many foods I used to be afraid of.

Without Sarah and her coaching, I think my journey would’ve been longer and so much lonelier. Coaching was the big leap for me to finally stick it to my ED and start enjoying life the way it should be. I was nervous to start, but I think that even if you’re nervous, you need to take the leap. That nervousness will never go away, and your ED will keep telling you that you don’t need to recover, or that you aren’t sick enough. I’m not saying that I never think about my weight anymore, or feel guilty for eating certain things. But it is SO. MUCH. EASIER. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t take this leap. Thank you, Sarah!”

D. S. – Maryland, USA

“Sarah is an incredibly professional and committed recovery coach. She was fully present and available for me when I wanted to give up and go back to unhealthy behaviors, making me feel that recovery is really possible. She has a gentle and compassionate approach that, paired with effective, actionable strategies, has helped me decrease the frequency of my behaviors and slowly but steadily take steps towards a life of freedom. She is a great listener, receptive, empathetic, patient and non-judgmental, and she also shares her recovery story in a way that empowers you to believe that you can achieve the peace you are looking for. I feel truly fortunate that I was able to work with her. Sarah is an exceptionally gifted coach that I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone that struggles with food and body image issues.”

Y. B. – Washington, D.C. USA

“Sarah Rzemieniak is one of my first certified coaches and I could not be more pleased with her work. Sarah has an understanding of eating disorders and an ability to both empathize as well as challenge clients, in a way that promotes recovery. Therapists and other treatment providers will find Sarah a useful addition to a team approach as she can help facilitate the team’s treatment goals. Clients will find her warm and friendly but willing to be strong in the face of their eating disorder. I am proud to say that Sarah is a Carolyn Costin Institute certified eating disorder coach.”

“We are better together! Collaborating with you creates magic for our clients. Thank you from the corners of my heart. I smile knowing my clients have you to help them through the day to day challenges an eating disorder presents. Your kindness and compassion is legendary. Thank you.”

“Sarah is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable about eating disorder recovery and Health At Every Size. We have shared mutual clients in the past, and having her working with them as a recovery coach was an invaluable addition to their treatment team. Sarah’s insightful perspective, nonjudgmental approach, and genuine care for her clients is evident. She is truly a gift to the field. I cannot recommend someone more highly, if you are looking for a recovery coach.”