My Story

Why Recovery Coaching:

Working as an eating disorder recovery coach feels like such a gift after years of struggle and at last recovery from my own eating disorder. I feel extremely grateful to be able to do this work today.

I made the career transition from working as a dietitian to working as an eating disorder recovery coach after realizing that it was the coaching aspect of the dietetics work that I loved the most and wanted to focus all my attention on. I find it so rewarding to be able to support individuals in the day-to-day aspects of their recovery journeys like I would have wanted, and to help them bring about the awakening and strengthening of their vibrant, healthy selves from a coaching perspective.

My dark years:

I remember the exhaustion, disconnection and overall darkness of my eating disorder like it was yesterday. I remember feeling like joy, aliveness and peace had been missing from my life for so long, and how at best all of my efforts led to a brief feeling of relief, only to be replaced with dread and despair when I realized it had to start all over again the next day.

I felt trapped though, with fear of disobeying the eating disorder on one side and overwhelm and hopelessness on the other. However, with much support and treatment, tentative willingness and faltering courage and many ups, downs, plateaus and relapses, I slowly started making small but lasting changes which very gradually turned into an evolving recovery journey and finally a lasting, recovered life.

The other side:

After reaching this place of solid recovery at last, my first career was as a dietitian working with individuals struggling with eating disorders as well as other conditions at hospitals in BC, Canada. This was a wonderful experience, and it was extremely rewarding being able to help others make peace with food after everything I had been through. However, after some time I realized that it was the coaching aspect of the work that I loved the most and felt the most passionate about pursuing.

I received my certification as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach from The Carolyn Costin Institute, where I was supervised and trained directly under Carolyn Costin, world-renowned eating disorder therapist, author, and founder of Monte Nido residential treatment centres. I also volunteered as a Recovery Mentor, and this experience also helped plant the seed for wanting to become a recovery coach. I found it deeply rewarding to be a part of someone else's transformative journey towards a deeper, more peaceful relationship with food, themselves and the world.


I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada with my husband John and our baby boy Eli. Motherhood feels like such a blessing, and is something I wasn't sure would ever be possible for me due to possible effects from the eating disorder. I feel a bit in awe every morning.

In my free time now, at last, I enjoy doing what I truly feel like doing. Lately, this has been a lot of new motherhood things and practicing being present with Eli and enjoying our first outings together as a family. I also continue to value and love doing the things that helped me to recover and which continue to deepen my sense of spirituality and connection with the world - meditating, journaling, walking in nature, and reading a mix of spiritual and self-help books (I've listed some of my favourites here).

For more information about my recovery journey, as well as about recovery coaching, I've shared more on these wonderful podcasts:

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My Certifications & Trainings

  • Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach through The Carolyn Costin Institute
  • Volunteer Eating Disorder Recovery Mentor through MentorConnect
  • Body Image Training for Clinicians: The Missing Piece of Whole Body Healing with Marci Evans, CEDRD-S & Fiona Sutherland, APD
  • BSc in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia with previous work experience as an eating disorder dietitian

To learn about my coaching approach and philosophy, please visit here.