A. J., Client – London, UK

Sarah’s help, support and encouragement have been much treasured as I’ve entered recovery. From the beginning, her empathy and well-resourced understanding shone through. Being able to reach out to her at my lowest and most difficult points, and receive what I can only describe as life-shifting support, means I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. I was continually held and allowed to express myself in our sessions, and always came away armed with knowledge and new insights that meant I could beat the ED – and knew it. 

I went from continual, multiple times a day engagement in ED behaviours to a place where I can truly say I am deep into recovery, with hope that I will be fully recovered in the near future. 

What’s especially wonderful about the way Sarah works is that it feels collaborative, rather than reliant. She is able to gently but effectively guide you to a place of trust and faith in yourself, both in entering recovery and in maintaining it. This allowed me to tackle other areas of my life that were helping the ED keep its grip on me, and work my way out of those difficulties bit by bit. 

Sarah’s suggestions/homework for the time in between our sessions were exquisitely timed, so that I felt I was challenging myself in profound ways, but without feeling overwhelmed. 

Where I am now is somewhere I couldn’t have imagined being before working with Sarah. I’m truly thankful for her help in envisioning, and achieving, a better, more joyful, and definitely freer life for myself.